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EACE Awards F.A.Q.s

1) How do I go about nominating someone for an EACE award?
The process is very simple! All you need to do is go to the Awards, Research/Grants website and click on the appropriate awards category. Identify the award and then click on the button to Submit a Nomination. You will be asked to write a 150 word recommendation for your award candidate.

It is important to provide specific examples about how the individual meets the stated criteria: In what way(s) has the individual contributed to EACE, its members, and our profession?

2) Does the nominee have to be an EACE member?

Yes, all nominees must be registered as an active member of EACE. To determine if a member is active, you can check the EACE member directory on the EACE website. The Committee members will also review years as a member and their history of involvement with EACE.

3) Can I nominate in more than one award category?
Yes, you are permitted to nominate in more than one award category. It’s important to read the nomination criteria carefully, in order to determine if the individual meets the guidelines. This information can be found on the nomination page.

4) Can I nominate someone from my office?

There are no restrictions to nominating an EACE member from your office.

5) Will all nominees be notified that they were nominated?
The committee contacts only those who are selected to receive an award.

6) How are the award recipients recognized?
Each recipient will be presented with a beautifully engraved plaque from EACE. A formal presentation will be made at the EACE annual conference, during one of the luncheons with all conference participants present.

7) Do the award winners need to attend the annual conference?
Although it is encouraged that recipients are present at the conference, this is not a requirement for receiving an award.

8) Who should I contact if I have questions about the nomination process?
Please feel free to contact the Co-Chairs of the Awards, Research and Grants Committee,
Anne Scholl-Fiedler or Carol M. Ruiz.



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